10 notes on blogger´s life!

Fashion bloggers are usually lumped together as one entity – moving as a single blob across the Internet, taking over Instagram, Pinterest and other social networks. But there are many more of us out there who are different. I found this piece of text via Independent Blogger´s (IFB) site and loved it so much I want to share some of these thoughts with you. So I came up with these 10 notes on a blogger´s life inspired by the text.

Me in my Versace-dress.

1. Fashion bloggers don’t all live in NYC or SLC. Some of us live in Helsinki, Finland. Ha!

2. Some of us spend days creating a post(they are called professionals) but most of us have jobs, families and life beside blogging.

3. And not all of us have professional photographer friends/husbands/significant others who can take our photos. Instead we take selfies.

4. Some of us don´t consider themselves as models, or even fancy ourselves models.

5. Some of us are over 40 (gasp!)

6. We are different colors, shapes & sizes. 
Some of us are plus-sized. Including myself these days, I guess.

I don´t own a scale, so I would´t know or care.

7. Some of us have careers other than blogging, including myself(journalist, author.)
8. Most of us don’t make much money off our blogs.
9. Some of us can be self-centered bitches, but lots of us are very sensitive and private as myself.

10. Some people say blogging is dead.  So what. People have also been saying the printed book is dead (it isn’t).

Let´s keep on blogging and rocking!